Lura web bus photoOne cold, rainy autumn day in Alaska, I’m sitting at my office desk. I’m reviewing what has happened. This summer one of our pilots dinged two airplanes so they weren’t flyable in a remote location, hundreds of miles from our base. My husband had flown another airplane north to fly out the contract. He was still up there and I was running the main operation. Due to weather, I had already canceled some flights, and refunded deposits. After a phone call to my insurance agent I decided to take the guaranteed money from the insurance company on our base airplanes for canceling early, rather than risking not being able to fly the schedule that was on the books. Right then and there I decided this wasn’t working for me. I gave my husband a year notice. Also on a raining, autumn day, a year later, I drove away. It rained all that night and the next morning. As I headed out of Alaska, the farther I got from the coast and into the interior, I found clear skies which continued for the eight day journey through western Canada and into the red rock country of southern Utah.

I’ve worked in corporations and owned small businesses. We spend most of our waking hours at our place of work. I know what it’s like not to feel valued and appreciated at work, and not feel like skipping to work. It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve discovered methods and designed a system that works in creating trust in the workplace which changes everything – to the benefit of everyone involved, including bosses, employees, and customers.

What I Believe

I believe we are all one.

I believe everyone deserves a life they love living.

I believe that everyone deserves to experience a work life –

  • that is enjoyable, productive, and fun,
  • where they feel appreciated,
  • where they feel that what they do is important,
  • where they are treated like partners in the business,
  • that what they do serves the higher good for themselves and others.


I believe the goal of every business owner/leader/manager/supervisor is to develop each new employee into an innovative, creative, and contributing member of their team.

I believe that everyone deserves to experience a freer, fuller, more expanded version of him or herself in their personal life as well as in their work/volunteer life.