• Are You Ready To Become the Most In-Demand Workplace in Your Area?
  • Are You Ready to Have Employees who give you a full-day’s work, and exhibit discretionary effort when needed?
  • Are You Ready To Become a Winning Boss?


  • Are You Planning Any Changes in the Near Future for Your Organization?


If you are part of the new movement in making an impact and creating a winning culture in your organization, please read on. Want to be a winning boss with more time to spend with family, friends, and your own creative activities?


For the first time Retention was the # 1 Top Challenge for HR in a recent survey and #2 was Employee Engagement.


The #1 reason for employees leave their jobs is their feeling of a lack of appreciation. You think you’re doing that; however, 51% of managers believe they themselves are doing a good job managing, yet 83% of employees don’t feel valued. By the way, only 12% leave for more money. And people leave their bosses, not their jobs.

With a war for talent in the workplace, and employees very willing to jump ship, especially Millennials – the old ways aren’t working any longer.

In order to succeed during the swells and troughs of this economy, a company needs to be a well-crewed ship. Organizations must have employees who are performing well and want to stay. Companies can’t afford not to.

Reality is you won’t be the most in-demand workplace in your area unless you begin to operate differently. Employees must stay, must want to stay.

Word of caution: The specific advice I provide is the key, it is the essential element that is missing in company training today. It is the foundation to all other training. With this specific type of training, it fills the sails so organizations can move along in the direction they want to go. Without it, it’s like trying to sail in windless conditions.

If you are unable to challenge yourself and think outside the box, this system is definitely not for you.

On the other hand, if you are willing to create trust in the workplace, implement ways to show appreciation, partner with your employees to make yours the smoothest running organization, I will show you how to do this.

My advice to create the most-in-demand workplace in your area comes from my track record. Who am I?

I am a trainer who imparts the most effective, most efficient, and most cost-effective knowledge related to dealing with employees and volunteers in organizations today.

I have an MBA with an emphasis on human resources. I have invested over $65,000 beyond my formal education in specific training to make my system the best and most-in-demand training.

I’ve lived outside of the United States of America and have travel extensively in what some call third-world countries. I can deal with people from all cultures for I see us as one.

I owned two businesses, dealing with both employees and retail customers, for 19 years.

I’ve studied new thought, higher consciousness, science of mind, and the importance of mindset for nearly twenty years, and have been giving advice on changing mindsets for over ten years.

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If you’re reading this, you’re in the right and perfect place. The reason you don’t have the ideal work environment is because you don’t know something. First of all, you have to learn and practice certain skills and utilize certain tools that will help position your company to be the most in-demand workplace. Good news, I created the system to do just that.


  • Analyze current company culture to discover what and where is the gap,
  • Show authentic and effective appreciation to your employees,
  • Remove expensive reward programs that don’t achieve the desired results,
  • Establish a motivating environment,
  • Instill trust and entrust employees,
  • Create trust in your department or organization.

Why do all of the above? So you will improve relationships, enhance job satisfaction, increase retention, enjoy spectacular customer service, boost productivity and improve profitability.

The KEY: Understanding how to value employees and view them as partners.

I formulated a system that is the foundation and essential to all other business training out there. Others do great training, but without having this integral element, the training is not as effective as it could be. My easy-to-understand methods boost the effectiveness of all training. Taking my training and integrating the concepts into your company culture, your staff and volunteers will reward you with the job satisfaction, the retention, and the customer service you so want from your business. Once you have this, you’ll have the time and freedom to enjoy what’s important to you, to make your dreams come true.

I’ve built in a structure of support for you. I’m here for your organization to stand for its greatness. I’ll partner with you to bring about the change you desire. Trust the part of you that wants to go forward. I may just be the answer to your prayers of wanting a fun, creative, and productive organization. I want to help you achieve your dreams of more time and freedom to enjoy what’s important to you. I believe in you. You can do this. You can make it happen.